Elke & Guy

We are Elke & Guy from B&B Casa Utopia in Alcaucin. Five years ago we met Charlotte & Patrick during our search for a B&B property, we had a click with
them from the first moment!
Last year we sold our house in Belgium because we wanted to invest in an apartment at the Spanish coast to rent out. We spoke with Charlotte and told
her that it was not urgent but if she saw something interesting she could
contact us.
Shortly after she found us a great property, not in a big building,
more a semi-detached house/apartment with an enormous terrace
with sea views, all necessary luxury and a communal pool.
Newly-built, only 10 minutes from Nerja, with parking space etc. The only thing
left to do was the interior, which is the thing we love the most!

With lots of turquoise and white colors we have created an instant
holiday feeling and so Utopia Beach was born!

That day Charlotte showed us 4 properties, we are not doubters so we
made an offer the same day. Charlotte asked us: “Are you sure??”
And we said yes!  Wish it, dream it, do it!

Some time after that we went out for dinner and we were talking about
wanting to buy another property to rent out and eventually live when we retire,
our B&B property is too big for 2 people.
Again, not urgent!

Two months after the deed of the apartment passed, I accompanied friends
on their house hunt for a villa or apartment.
Under Charlotte’s guidance, during the viewings I fell in love with a villa with beautiful views, distant sea views, on walking distance to the Viñuela lake,
close to restaurants & shops.


It was poorly maintained, especially the outside areas, a wall had to be
taken down, the pool was broken, terraces had subsided, the garden was
running wild, the inside was okay but the bathroom needed to be refurbished,
in short: a lot of work and costs. But the most important thing when purchasing
a property: the location and the click! And I, Elke fell in love with this villa
with two bedrooms & two bathrooms…
Our friends felt it was too much work for them so the only thing left was to
convince Guy :).

Luckily, he had the same feeling!
Charlotte and I met with three constructors to give us a quote, we found an architect and got the necessary licenses to start with the reforms/repair.
A few months later, we could proudly present our ‘Villa Utopia’!
In the meantime more friends have been able to make their dreams come true
with Immotions Real Estate.
They put their heart & soul in it, nothing is too much for them, they are very motivated without pushing and they prepare the viewings in a very professional manner.

They also give exquisite after-sale service, in short: The Best!

If you would like more information about our B&B ‘Casa Utopia’ or one of our rental properties ‘Villa Uptopia’ or ‘Utopia Beach’ please have a look on our website!

Or follow us on Facebook.

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